Company Information

Board of Directors

  • Names
  • Mr. Tahir Jahangir
  • Mr. Jillani Jahangir
  • Mrs. Munizae Jahangir
  • Mrs. Sulema Jahangir
  • Mr. Rashid Ahmad Khan
  • Mrs. Maira Hussain Quraishi
  • Mr. Abdul Munaf
  • Designations
  • Chairman/Non Executive Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Independent Director
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Executive Director

Auditors and Legal Advisers

  • Auditors
  • M/s. Tariq Abdul Ghani Maqbool & Co. Chartered Accountants
  • Legal advisers
  • A.G.H.S Law Associates

Board Committees

  • Audit Committee
  • Mr.Rashid Ahmad Khan (Independent Director) – Chairman
  • Mrs. Munizae Jahangir (Non-Executive Director)
  • Mrs. Sulema Jahangir (Non-Executive Director)
  • HR and Remuneration Committee
  • Mr. Rashid Ahmad Khan– (Independent Director) – Chairman
  • Mr. Jillani Jahangir (Executive Director)
  • Mrs. Munizae Jahangir (Non-Executive Director)
  • Mrs. Sulema Jahangir (Non-Executive Director

Company Registration / NTN No.

  • Registration No.
  • 0004022
  • NTN No.
  • 0657964-7

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

Hala Enterprises Limited strives to continue its path of market growth, consolidation and improvement in International market of very high value products. Our Vision is to establish a strong market presence, focused on customer loyalty and satisfaction on a Long Term Basis.

Mission Statement

The company should secure and provide a rewarding return on investment to its
shareholders and investors, quality products to its customers, a secured and friendly environment at place of work to its employees, and present itself a reliable partner to all business associates.

Stock Symbol / Stock Listing

Stock Symbol

The stock symbol for dealing in equity shares of Hala Enterprises Limited is ‘HAEL’

Share Registrar

M/s. Corplink (Private) Limited

Wings Arcade, 1-K, Commercial Model Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-35916714, 35916719 Fax: 042-35869037


Stock Listing

Hala Enterprises Limited is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Karachi.