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Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

Hala Enterprises Limited strives to continue its path of market growth, consolidation and improvement in International market of very high value products. Our Vision is to establish a strong market presence, focused on customer loyalty and satisfaction on a Long Term Basis.

Mission Statement

The company should secure and provide a rewarding return on investment to its
shareholders and investors, quality products to its customers, a secured and friendly environment at place of work to its employees, and present itself a reliable partner to all business associates.

Hala Enterprises

Since 1974, Hala Enterprises Limited has been one of the leading innovators and market trend setters in the towel industry of the region. The company’s core business activity is centered on towel and other terry products manufacturing in the Lahore district of Pakistan.

Focus on Quality

We pride ourselves on our quality and service. Each client is given personal care and a complete follow-up of their shipments.

An Export Oriented Company

Our entire manufacturing is exported over three continents. Below is an estimated breakup of our areas of concentration.

EU: 60%,  Middle East: 20%,  Asia Pacific: 20%


When it comes to minimums, we can offer what many others dare to dream of .

Finest Yarns

We use the finest quality of cotton yarn in our towels and other terry products to ensure the best durability and maximum absorbency.

A Public Limited Company

Hala Enterprises Limited is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Karachi. We strive to inspire shareholder confidence along with customer care.


We are continuously researching and developing to provide our customers with the most innovative product range in the towel industry.

Our Products